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John Ulmer

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Mr. Ulmer serves with Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC as Of Counsel in litigation, contracts and commercial law matters. John has 27 years experience as General Counsel for two major corporations – one a manufacturer of products sold globally, and the other an international marketing company for insurance and securities, and its affiliated Broker-Dealer.

As corporate counsel, John worked with and advised corporate CEOs, Presidents, and other executives pertaining to legal, regulatory and compliance issues. Mr. Ulmer managed all claims and lawsuits; directed investigations and other fact finding; negotiated resolutions; engaged in alternate dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation; and participated in litigation in federal and state courts. In conjunction with local trial counsel, John represented the companies in jury trials throughout the United States; and he has appeared before the US Supreme Court.


John handled contracts and commercial law issues, including negotiation, drafting, review, editing, execution and litigation of all types of contracts and commercial agreements. John engaged in product liability litigation and provided legal advice regarding product design, manufacture, warnings, advertising, marketing, and compliance with safety standards, laws and regulations. John handled employment law issues and counseled Human Resources; conducted investigations; resolved employee complaints; directed litigation of all unresolved matters, including disciplinary actions, terminations, claims of discrimination and sexual harassment; and responded to EEOC charges. He directed risk management and managed liability insurance, including professional liability, E&O, D&O, EPL, and comprehensive general liability; worked in conjunction with brokers and carriers of liability insurance in US and London markets; and provided advice regarding self-insurance and risk retention. John attended and graduated from the University of Georgia School of Business with honors, and from the University of Georgia Law School. Prior to Law School John served in the US Army, Military Intelligence. John is active in the community and serves with charitable organizations.


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