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Handicapping the Sweet 16 Field for ATL’s ‘Fictional Lawyer Madness’

I have been keeping a close eye on Above the Law's Fictional Lawyer Madness contest, in which its readers vote on their favorite fictional TV and movie lawyers over the past 30 years. Now that the field has been trimmed to 16, let me weigh in here with my predictions and some odds-making. Here are the remaining contenders, ranked from least likely to win to the favorite: 16. Gerald Broflovski, "South Park" (100:1) -- low name recognition, bit player. 15. Alan Shore, "Boston Legal" (100:1) -- who? 14. Barry Zuckerkorn/Bob Loblaw, "Arrested Development" (100:1) -- no chance. 13. Jake Brigance,...

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Guess What Ingredient ‘Snapple Apple’ Does Not Contain?

It has the awesome, rhyming name "Snapple Apple." It has a prominent photo of a juicy, red, sliced-up apple. How can it contain absolutely no apple juice? If you look at the ingredients of Snapple Apple, you see that it consists of the following: "filtered water, sugar, pear juice, concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, vegetable and fruit extracts (for color)." No apples. Consumerist's managing editor Ben Popken wanted to know why his bottle of Snapple Apple contained some pear juice, but no apple juice, and sent an email off to Snapple. The response Popken received from Snapple's Consumer Relations department...

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