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Family’s Purchase of ‘Snake House’ Leads to Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

And now for a story that nearly caused my snake-hating wife to have a breakdown. The Associated Press reported earlier this week on the plight of the Sessions family, who in 2009 purchased a five-bedroom house in the Idaho countryside for about $180,000. They were required to sign a document at closing acknowledging that the house had a snake infestation, but were "assured by their real estate agent that the snakes were just a story invented by the previous owners to leave their mortgage behind." Wrong! It turns out that the house is, as advertised, infested with hundreds of garter...

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Greenpeace Breaks Up Ken and Barbie, Rappels Down Side of Mattel HQ to Save Indonesian Rainforests

I have no idea if they are correct or not, but I am definitely impressed with the creativity, animation, directing skills and rappelling ability of the people from Greenpeace who are protesting toy maker Mattel Inc.'s use of wood products obtained from Asia Pulp & Paper, a Singapore company. Greenpeace says that AP&P clear-cuts Indonesian rainforests and destroys endangered tiger habitats. Greenpeace launched its campaign against Mattel last week with this video featuring Ken, from Ken and Barbie. Check it out: But that was hardly the end of Greenpeace's efforts. Last week, things got even crazier at Mattel headquarters, when...

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