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Website Asks ‘What’s Your Price’ to Go Out on a Date With Someone?

What's your price? Whatsyourprice.com (via The Faculty Lounge) believes everyone has one (a price, that is), and has built a dating website around the concept. In short, WYP breaks people into two groups: "Generous Members" and "Attractive Members." Generous Members are people who are "willing to pay to date beautiful, gorgeous or sexy people." Attractive Members are the "beautiful" ones who will "get paid while you spend time meeting fun and generous people." While this may sound like a prostitution or escort website with different nomenclature, WYP's founder Brandon Wade says that this is not the case. As noted by...

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4 Reasons why you need an experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Having a serious personal injury can be a traumatic experience. Once an accident has occurred and you or a loved one sustain a personal injury you should always consult an experienced Atlanta Lawyer. In the following article you will find 4 reasons why you should hire an attorney when you are injured by an accident. 1. The Piece of Mind that you’ll experience. When you hire a professional Atlanta Attorney you will free yourself from all the hassle and research that needs to be done in order to represent yourself against the individual or...

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Use of Irrelevant Evidence of ‘Goth’ Lifestyle Leads to Reversal of Murder Conviction

Via Siouxsie Law I came across an interesting recent opinion of the Supreme Court of Georgia that reversed a murder conviction because the trial court allowed the prosecution to introduce "irrelevant and highly prejudicial character evidence" about a teenage defendant's "goth" lifestyle. The court stated that during the trial of Courtney Boring, a teenage girl who was convicted of murdering her mother, the state introduced evidence seized from the girl's bedroom, including: photographs of appellant with dyed black hair and dark make-up; a document bearing the words of a "curse" to be recited "while burning the letter over a black...

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