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Pimp Law, Part II: Even if the Woman is Already ‘in the Game,’ It’s Still Pimpin’

Back in March 2011, I wrote here that the California Supreme Court was poised to hear an important issue related to California pimp law: are you offering illegal pimp services if the woman is already 'in the game' (i.e., already a prostitute)? To recap from my prior post, in 2007, a man named Jomo Zambia was in his car at a "notorious intersection" in the San Fernando Valley known for its prostitutes. He allegedly asked a woman he believed to be a prostitute to enter his car, explained he was a pimp, and offered his pimp services, "which included providing...

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How to Make Sure That ‘Redacted’ Document You Uploaded to PACER Is Really Redacted

On the Freedom to Tinker blog, Timothy Lee writes that he has been conducting detailed research on documents uploaded to PACER where the "parties tried to redact sensitive information but the redactions failed for technical reasons." Lee explains that the problem is rooted in the fact that the "PDF" format of saving a document uses "vector graphics" that represent an image as a series of drawing commands such as lines, rectangles and lines of text. While vector graphics have various advantages, Lee says they have at least one significant disadvantage: they may contain more information than is visible to the...

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