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End of the Line for the Winkelvi?

Barring a stunning grant of certiorari by the U.S. Supreme Court, or perhaps a sequel to "The Social Network," we may have finally seen the last of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. On Tuesday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined to grant the Winklevoss twins a rehearing, Hollywood, Esq. reports. Last month, a panel of judges on the 9th Circuit held that the Winkelvi were stuck with the cash and stock settlement (valued at over $65 million) they had negotiated back in 2008 to resolve their now-famous lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The Winkelvi claimed that Zuckerberg stole...

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AFA Gets the Last Laugh on Whether There Was Porn on the Sears Website (There Was)

Last year, I wrote here about an ongoing campaign by the "American Family Association" to get Sears to stop selling what it characterized as "graphic" and "pornographic" posters on the Sears website. As the AFA agenda also included condemning homosexuals and seeking a complete ban on the construction of mosques, I was skeptical and conducted my own review of the posters in question here. Sears basically blew off the AFA's complaints about the posters, but now, the AFA seems to have gotten the last laugh, after discovering that, over in the DVD section of the Sears website, consumers could actually...

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From the Bad Idea File: ’10 Hottest’ Lists for State Sex Offenders

There's not anything funny or "hot" about people who sexually assault others or who commit indecent acts with children. I thought we were all in agreement about that, right? Until this week, that is, when the Houston Press decided to publish its "10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List." Ugggghhh. The article states that, while most of the people on the state sex offender list are male and "not good-looking," there are some females on there as well. And while most of those females aren't good-looking either, the article states, We combed through 15 of the biggest counties...

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