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Grady Hospital feeling new financial pains

Less than two years after restructuring to treat its financial ills, Grady Memorial Hospital is enduring some fresh pains. Hit by a spate of local and federal funding cuts, the hospital is struggling to bridge a $30 million-plus gap in money used to help care for poor and uninsured patients. A $3.4 million drop in DeKalb County funding to Grady – part of a larger $33.6 million cut to the county’s 2011 budget – comes on the heels of a $3 million decrease in support from Fulton County and $25 million reduction in federal dollars this year. Grady...

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Gwinnett Police Search For Rooftop Burglars

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A group of rooftop burglars who have slipped into several Norcross businesses narrowly slipped away from police on Monday morning, authorities said. Gwinnett County police told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh they’re looking for a group of people who have entered four businesses along Jimmy Carter Boulevard by climbing through the air ducts on the roof. Cristiana Hiraldo operates one of those businesses. Hiraldo said he arrived at work last week to find the restaurant a disaster. Surveillance video showed two men jumping down on the bar from the ceiling. The men got away with $4,000, a computer and a...

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Atlanta Injury Lawyer: Cases That Commonly Require a Lawyer’s Help

An experienced Atlanta injury lawyer has the knowledge to help you if you have been injured in any way and you have a reason to believe that it was the fault of an individual person or company. Personal Injury attorneys can help in many different scenarios If you have been injured at work, you might need to secure an Atlanta injury lawyer since insurance companies are often notorious for dragging their feet to pay for medical bills. If you have had to take days or even months off work to heal, the money...

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The Importance of Hiring an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

A serious personal injury can cause a burden far beyond that of just pain. If you've been injured in a car accident, been attacked by a dog or suffered from a trip and fall, you may be far more concerned about how you're going to take care of the medical bills and provide for your loved ones than how much the injury is bothering you. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't contact a Georgia personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able so that you can get compensation. A personal injury claim can stem from just about any situation...

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