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‘Hangover II’ Injunction Denied, but Tattoo Dispute Goes Forward

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‘Hangover II’ Injunction Denied, but Tattoo Dispute Goes Forward

On Thursday, the blockbuster sequel “The Hangover Part II” opened in theaters around the world as planned, despite the efforts of artist Victor Whitmill. As discussed here previously, Whitmill filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Warner Bros. alleging that he owns the rights to the well-known “Mike Tyson tattoo” and that it cannot be reproduced on anyone’s body other than Mike Tyson without his permission. In “Hangover II,” Ed Helms’ character wakes up to find what appears to be the Tyson tattoo inked on his face. In his lawsuit, Whitmill sought damages and an injunction on the Memorial Day weekend release of “Hangover II.” In a ruling on Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Perry held that while she would not grant an injunction, Whitmill did have a “strong likelihood of prevailing on the merits for copyright infringement,” Media Decoder reports. Perry denied the injunction because she found that it was in “the public interest” for the film to go forward. She wrote that thousands of other non-party business people in the country would lose money if the opening was enjoined. She added, however, that Whitmill may get the last laugh, though, because “[a]lthough the intangibles he’s losing can’t be…

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