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Hire an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer for your case

Anyone who has ever been involved in a car crash will know how terrifying this can be. Injuries sustained from these crashes will certainly stay with the person probably for life and it is to this end that an auto accident attorney will be needed to represent the injured party. An auto accident lawyer certainly knows the rules and regulations relating to anything to do with this kind of incident. What some people do not realize is the extent of the damage that can be caused from this kind of crash. The injuries will not fully show themselves often for...

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My child was injured during a botched circumcision, can you help us?

My child was injured during a botched circumcision, can you help us? Yes we can, circumcision is a very common practice that is performed in most American males as infants and tragically in a number of cases the circumcision is not correctly performed. In a some cases portion of the glands is amputated. We are currently working on a case like that. In those cases we look both at the physician who performed the circumcision and the staff, as well as the devices used in the circumcision. Some devices have caused amputation in some cases this complication is known by the...

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Nursing Homes Negligence and Misstreatment

Im hearing a lot of things about elderly people in nursing homes who are being neglected or mistreated is there a case there? There is absolutely a case if an elderly person is neglected or mistreated at a nursing home situation. One of the things we most commonly see are bedsores. This type of injuries are not supposed to occur, people are supposed to be turned or rotated if they are not able to do that for themselves. They are also supposed to have their undergarments changed and not lie on waste or feces to the point that an open wound...

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Do you handle cases that involve tractor trailer accidents?

We do handle tractor trailer accidents as we have for many years. Tractor trailer accidents are more complicated than most motor vehicle cases because of the fact that they are regulated by federal law and the department of transportation. Typically the injuries in this type of cases are much worse because the vehicles are so large and heavy; they cause much worse injuries. There is a lot of requirements about record keeping and safety that tractor trailer operators are required to follow, and if you can show violation of this laws you can sometimes recover punitive damages. They are...

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Uber Accident Lawyer

What if I am in a Uber vehicle and I’m in an accident and I get injured? Well this is something we are certainly going to be seeing more as time goes by because services such as Uber have become much more popular and have replaced many taxi companies. Many people don’t even have cars of their own and use uber for much of their transportation. If you are a passenger in a uber vehicle and get injured, you will have the normal type of claims that any person would have in an automobile accident case. If the uber driver is at...

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Cancer Misdiagnosis

Do you handle cases for misdiagnosis for something such as cancer? We handle cases for cancer which is not timely diagnosed and treated. Cancer is obviously one of the most severe problems a person can face medically. Is a severe challenge to someone as they fight to survive and cancer can be treated best if its detected early. If you’ve got a cancer that it is not detected early it can progress and metastasize and become almost untreatable. We handle cases from people who are suffering of cancer where the cancer has progressed in a way that could have been avoided. If...

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Tips for finding the best Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

If you have suffered any sort of harm whether physically or psychologically, then you need a personal injury lawyer. It is wise to be represented by one that knows how to go about this so that you can be duly compensated for any injury that occurs to you. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer will represent you in such a matter and in the end you will walk out the victor. There are however certain things that you should look for when selecting a personal injury lawyer and they are below. Experience that they have This is important so that you can know...

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10 Things you must do if you are involved in an Atlanta Auto Accident

If you are ever in a car accident, then there are certain things that you should do so that you may be in a better position to get from the accident with more than your life. Below are some of the ten things that you should seriously consider doing the moment that you get in a car accident. They don’t have to be in that order when you are doing them but it is important t that you do each and every one of them. Don’t drive off Immediately after the accident, do not ever think of driving away as you might...

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Dog Bite Attorney in Atlanta Georgia Answers Common Questions

Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer What happens if I get attacked or bit by a dog? Typically the owner of the dog is responsible for that dog’s behavior and they have the duty to exercise reasonable care with respect to their dog. Once a dog has attacked or be threatening or has bitten someone previously, the owner is going to be responsible for any subsequent bites that dog inflicts on people, and we have many cases where dogs have bitten children or other adults after it was known to be an aggressive dog and typically those types of claims will be covered by...

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Top Questions to ask your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Today we have Attorney Jonathan W. Johnson answering some of the most commonly asked questions about auto accident cases. What Should I Do if I get into a car accident? Well, there are several things you need to do if you get into an auto accident, the first thing to do off course is call the police, call 911 if you are injured always do that first. If you're not so badly injured that you need to be away from the scene immediately you should try to get the names of members of any witnesses, also take photographs of the vehicles and locations of the vehicles...

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