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11 Atlanta educators may lose teaching certificates

A state educator ethics committee voted this morning to yank the certification of 11 Atlanta teachers and administrators implicated in the state’s cheating investigation. Of the 11, which were considered the some of the most severe cases, eight were teachers who received a two-year suspension, and three were administrators who had their certification permanently revoked. The educators were not identified. The committee will later today send their recommendations to the Professional Standards Commission, which certifies Georgia educators, for final approval. Once accepted, the educators will be notified and have the chance to appeal. This is the first formal punishment handed down in the Atlanta...

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Billionaire Warren Buffett: Tax me, please!

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett frequently argues that the rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes – an argument frequently repeated by President Barack Obama. Buffett set out to prove his point this week in a letter to Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas)obtained by CNN. In it, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway discloses he paid only $15,300 in payroll taxes last year and less than $7 million to Uncle Sam on taxable income of $39,814,784, CNN reports.  Buffett’s adjusted gross income was $62,855,038 last year. A big chunk of Buffett’s income came from investments, which are taxed at a lower rate than wages, and...

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Father, son investigate grave marker mystery

ATLANTA —A metro Atlanta man is asking for help solving a grave marker mystery. He's trying to track down family of a World War II veteran after buying the marker from people trying to sell it for scrap. "This guy was trying to sell it to the highest bidder, and he was headed to the scrap yard with it," John Caldwell told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri. Caldwell said he was visiting a friend on Lakewood Avenue in southeast Atlanta two weeks ago when he came across people selling a grave marker belonging to a Navy veteran. He's been looking for its...

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