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Hostage-Taker Updates Facebook Status, Adds Friends During Standoff

It strikes me that the 21st century equivalent of "did I just say that out loud" is "did I just post that to Facebook?" And this seems to be particularly true lately for people engaged in violent felonies. As Paula Martersteck noted here last month, alleged bank robbers are already tripping themselves up and being arrested after posting things such as "I'm rich, b*tch" and "WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDEREDS" on Facebook. But that is just "after-the-fact" stuff. What about the people in the news this month who actually incorporated Facebook into their alleged crimes? Take 20-year-old mother London Eley,...

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Will Domain Name Changes Produce New Names Like “.Law” and “.Skadden”?

On Monday, the powers-that-be at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (the group that is tasked with keeping the Internet "secure, stable and interoperable" and that develops policy on the Internet’s unique identifiers) voted in favor of a significant change in the Internet's Domain Name System. The approved plan will exponentially increase the 22 existing Internet top level domains (i.e. .com, .org, .net and 19 others) by allowing generic Top Level Domains that may be almost any word in any language. Thus, new TLDs such as ".apple" or ".ipad" may now be imminent. ICANN issued a statement claiming...

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Real Judge Agrees with Judge Carton in ‘Google Map Slave’ Case

Just over a year ago, Judge Carton considered the case of Lauren Rosenberg, who sued Google after she was hit by a car while following walking directions provided by Google Maps on her cell phone. In an ongoing series of posts here at LBW called Judge Carton Rules, a fake judge issues rulings to spare the parties to cases in which the outcome is obvious the time and expense of further litigation. In her lawsuit, Rosenberg alleged that her Google Maps BlackBerry application told her to walk along a dangerous highway with no sidewalks to get from one Park City,...

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