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Website Unveils Foolproof Age Verification Test

Many websites require users to verify their age before they can use the site or to register. In order to have a Facebook account, for example, users must be thirteen years of age or older. However, as the parents of many Facebook-using children can attest, it is no real challenge for underage people to sign up for Facebook or other websites. Just change the year you were born by a few years and you're in! How, then, can websites verify the age of their users? Via Futurelawyer I see that one website has found a creative way to do so...

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Facebook No Friend of Bank Robbery Suspects

To the ever-growing list of individuals tripped up by their blogs (Belly Dancing Blogs Doom Ex-Wife's Bid for Maintenance), tweets (U.S. Secret Service Becomes Latest Victim of a 'Wrong Pipe' Tweet) and other electronic communications, we can now add bank robbery suspects, in not one, but two, cases. In the first such instance, two bank tellers and their acquaintances were indicted this month in connection with a Texas bank robbery that netted about $62,000. Susan Carroll, writing in the Houston Chronicle, reports that "The heist had all the hallmarks of a classic bank robbery - masked suspects who appeared to...

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