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I had a very positive experience with the law office of Jonathan Johnson. Attorney Jonathan Johnson was extremely accommodative and thoughtful, constantly working in my best interest. The case was handled expeditiously by attorney Johnson’s team to arrive at the best resolution possible given the nature of the case. Attorney Johnson’s great approach to practicing law waves together a humanistic understanding and a desire for justice to arrive at a successful finish.

P. Jayachandran

My experience with Jonathan Johnson was one of the best experiences of my life. I had another attorney before handling my case in which she resign from my case, but it took nearly 3 years of doing nothing and getting nothing. Then I hired Jonathan an in months my case was settled. I would recommend Mr. Johnson to anyone that is looking for a good attorney.

J. Russell

I felt very well taken care of by Attorney Johnson. I was kept informed throughout the case, and the results were very positive. I am very pleased.

S. Guerra

Everything was amazing, not only the work that was done but the people who helped me. The process was smooth and easy on my part and communication was outstanding.

S. Belardo

Everyone at Jonathan Johnson’s firm was very helpful in solving my case and disputes in a timely and effective manner, will always recommend them.

S. O’Shea

The experience was very informative, they kept me informed very well throughout the case and everything was very satisfactory.

T. Johnson

You help me get the money I needed, the office staff kept me up to date. The office always had an answer for me when I called. If I ever get hurt again I will call you back.

T. Turner

My Experience with the Law Office of Jonathan W. Johnson was a success. Jonathan Johnson firm team was courteously helpful in making sure I was up to date in anything dealing with my case. I love the fact that Jonathan Johnson firm team knew who I was when I walked in the door; making the environment comfortable. My overall experience with them was a great one. Thanks Atlanta Lawyer Jonathan Johnson Firm.

S. Underwood

Very nice and kind people. Mr. Johnson and all of his attorneys were very helpful in my case.

J. King